Boho Chic Illustrated Wedding Invitation Suite

A few months ago, I started working on the invitation suite for my best friend, who is getting married in October this year. We have known each other for more than 10 ears now, and I was very pleased (although terrified inside :) she trusted me enough to make the design of her invitations for her big day. She gave me a lot of freedom, only telling me she wanted something modern but chic, handmade but elegant, romantic and a little bohemian. She also told me she liked my floral and vegetal patterns, so I tried to interiorize all these parameters and come up with something that both the couple and I would love.

I started doodling some flowers with watercolors and made a couple proposals going this way, but I felt it was a bit too much old fashioned and ‘heavy’. I wanted something fresher. So I started experimenting with a card I found in a paper store, that had the best color I had ever seen. A color that I never found anywhere else and that you could never reproduce with a print. Between aqua, turquoise, mint, it is a very fresh color and I knew a white screen printing would look amazing for this project, and would fit the idea the couple had for their invitations.

I had wanted for a long time to make a project with screen printing, and this project seemed like the best fit to experiment with this technique! I would have done the printing myself if I had had the time (and the space at home :), but in the end I let this part to a very good professional screen printing studio.

I am very happy with the result, but the best was when she saw them, and when we spent the weekend together cutting the vegetal paper invitations, cutting the stickers, putting the invitations in the envelopes and writing the addresses. It was a really nice moments between long time friends who are finally becoming adults :)

Less talking & more photos, I hope you will like the project!